Coins packages

Coins_kaufen To download Loops at treasureLOOPS, you need coins. Here you can quickly and easily add coins to your account. With the buttons below you can buy coins. This will be credited to your coins account and you can buy with the credit limit Loops in the entire store.

30 treasureLOOPS Coins              für 7,50 €     (0,25 € je Coin)           kaufen

80 treasureLOOPS Coins              für 18,50 €     (0,23 € je Coin)           kaufen

200 treasureLOOPS Coins              für 42,00 €     (0,21 € je Coin)           kaufen

500 treasureLOOPS Coins              für 95,00 €     (0,19 € je Coin)           kaufen

750 treasureLOOPS Coins              für 128,00 €     (0,17 € je Coin)           kaufen

1000 treasureLOOPS Coins              für 150,00 €     (0,15 € je Coin)           kaufen

Offer Loops and earn money

Upload_meineloops When you upload Loops, these are available for other members of the community in treasureLOOPS Store. As a Loop provider, you can earn up to 80% of the proceeds from each sale. treasureLOOPS brings the merit for payment if the credit has reached at least EUR 50.00 and the Uploader requested a withdrawal.

Upload Loop